Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What a tour!!!

Looking at the computer in our little Buick-driving time-40 hours 20 minutes 32 Seconds, -miles driven--4,323, and 28.5 Miles Per Gallon!

We drove to St. George, Utah, and stayed over with Pam and Dean, it was hard to find a place to sign in their visitors book. Over 700 visitors!

We stopped at Alan's to say hello Then off to our rented home in Sandy, Utah. Here came Parien and three girls, then Ann, Brian, and all their at home children Jennifer had driven with a school friend and was at Alan's. Jim and his group stayed with friends for the weekend.We had seen Kevin earlier in the month when he gave his farewell for his mission to Brazil.

We stayed in our rented home for the rest of the weekend, attending the wedding and reception of our first grandchild to get married, Kalley. She and Husband were so very happy and it seemed to me that they were having a good day. On Sunday we all met at the Tabernacle and were present for the Choir doing their Sunday Morning Program, then we went on to the Museum and saw all the displays there. We then went to the rented home for BBQ and some even went into the hot tub.

Monday and Tuesday the 30-31st of May we moved over to be with Alan, Heather and Chadley. Ann, Parien, and Jim with their families all drove on to their homes, in California and Oregon. Lois and I went to Salt Lake and visited Sister Jensen so they could go over their book. We went to the place where the Motel was 50 years ago but is now a dorm for men attending BYU Business college.

Wednesday we went to Orem and visited Rod and Vicki, having a great dinner there. We visited the BYU art building and looked at the displayes there. We had a lunch in town across the street from where we got our marriage licence 50 years ago.

Thursday Chadley stayed home from school to take Grandma and Grandpa Greenall to the Zoo and a short visit to the This is the Place Monument. This turned out to be fun, we had forgotten how much energy children have. Chadley covered the zoo grounds at least twice as much as we, as she had to keep coming back and Pulling us on! She knew all about each animal and even knew about all the dinosaur displays.

Friday, we went for a session at the Salt Lake Temple and then drove to Bose, Idaho, and took over Lynne's home. She was away for the last two days of a stake girls camp that she was in charge of. She arrived home Saturday night after her friends had a garage sale in the garage. We enjoyed that an all the other sales in the area. We even bought stuff of course we did not need.

Sunday we went to church at Lynne's ward, and then had a dinner prepared by Lynne for us and her children and two of her grandsons, of course they are the cutest in the whole wide world!

Monday we were again on the road for the trip to Portland, Oregon. This was to be a week of a couple of paraids and a graduation from High School. Jessica was the graduate, with a 4 point average no less! And marching in the Jr Parade was Rachel, and in the Sr. Parade Jessicaa. Melissa played in the Band for the graduation. Lois spent a lot of time helping paint pictures for this weeks girls camp for the Leete Girls.

Now here we are Monday again, and in the car for Folsum, California. We stopped by Bonnies, and were invited for dinner. Craig and Tracy, and Jon joined us for a Bonnie Dinner.

We spent the night with Jon and Chris. Chris and Danica just returned from a girls day camp, they got snowed out of their planned week camp, but held it at the stake house which is on the Sacramento Temple sight.

Tuesday we drove through to Jim's home where we stayed for two nights.

Wednesday we all met up at Disney Studios for most of the day. David,Parien and their three girls along with a girl friend were there to meet us. Bill and Diane our cousin from Australia were there also with their daughter, son and Husband. After a couple of hours seeing the Archives and some of the places Lois remembered from her days at Disney, we made room in the cars for Bill and Diane and drove back to Simi Valley. We were fed dinner and after talking we were given a place to sleep and turned in for the night.

Thursday, we were off early, and after a phone call met up with Bonnie and Lynne for lunch in Oakhearst. We were then off in Caravan to Yosemite Valley for all the sights there. We then drove out of the park to Lancaster for the night.

Friday we drove back to the park for a 2 hour open bus tour of the valley. We spent some more time taking the shuttles around the area. We then drove out to Fresno for a motel night.

Saturday we drove on to visit Sequoia National Park and enjoyed the big trees there. We spent the night in Visalia, at the same motel Lois and I stayed at when I was trained for the Grand Jury.

We were up early Sunday morning for the drive back to Hollywood to deliver Bill and Diane to their children, they will go on a 23 day bus tour of the United States after flying to New York on Tuesday. We arrived in Simi Valley in time to get ready for Church. Fathers day was special, Lois gave me a Yosemite T-Shirt and Paula gave a talk in Church. After Church we had a special Fathers Day dinner prepared by the women for Jim, Rich and Chuck. Riches' daughter and her husband were also present.

Monday we traveled on home, and spent the rest of the day unpacking etc.

Tuesday, Today, we went to the bank and signed papers and received back our complete investment from the old Trust Bank.

We are joining Jim, and David for Mormon night at Dodger Stadium in July.

Well this brings us up to date, we know you are all busy, we are looking forward to the Reunion.

Love to all, and some hugs and kisses!!

Dad and Mom

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

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Velie 180

More Areplans of August Blomquist

Pictures of the fire that destroyed the planes, this was in the LA area in about 1930, August had no insurance and was unable to make the payments, so lost the business.

August and Grace in about 1929