Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Blinds were installed in the guest/sleeping room yesterday.

We have a house guest for the next weeks, Julia did not want to take her fish on vacation with her!
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Lois finishes up the opening for the new window.

The window measures 8 foot by 4 foot, with sliders on each side.
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Transforming the old garage space

The walls are up in the old garage, for the new addition to the family room.

An 8x4 foot window with sliders on each side will be put in the old garage door opening.
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A new Sewing Machine

Lois and I found a new Brothers sewing machine on
Craigs list, it was deliverd to our door yesterday!

The shovels stand around their new borne babe.

This is called "Away in the Back Yard"

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